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Jade Jackson

I'm a financial consultant in London who spends most of the time looking up flights and brunch spots. I believe I am both living my best life and maintaining my best life, as I travel as much as I can while working a nine-to-five job to share the beauty of travel but also keep a level head.

Traveling became my passion, after moving to live in Argentina for 2 years. Buenos Aires was so eye-opening; I learnt Spanish, saw new cultural traditions, gained a love for Empanadas and had some much needed sunlight. Things were all different but also similar, and so from then on I wanted to continue seeing and sharing those differences and similarities from the destinations I visit.

My instagram and my blog are how I share my voice, how I feel confident and be unapologetically myself. To be able to create content for myself or on behalf of others to hopefully inspire someone to confidently exist loudly too.


Black Ballard UK

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